Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 71: Mother’s Day Special

Special 3 hour tribute to the rad moms out there. Interviews with Jessica Starkweather, Dawn Breese, Eva Armanto, Karen Jonz, Shelly Caples, and Lisa Pabich. There’s sound bites from past interviews, and a cameo from Schmitty’s mom along with a motherly playlist of tunes. Throw some coals on the Q and help pay respect to las madres. As Tupac said, they are appreciated!

Jessica Starkweather – 13:50
Dawn Breese – 24:20
Eva Armanto – 1:00:47
Karen Jonz – 1:14:35
Shelly Caples – 1:46:31
Lisa Pabich – 2:05:42


Mother of Sophia and Lucia
Instagram: @Wallhitting
Fun Facts: Got a photo published in Thrasher Magazine of her doing a frontside grind at Burnside one week before giving birth to her daughter Lucia.
Quote from Podcast: “She didn’t get the lack of concern for her own personal safety like I did”


Mother of Raven Tershy
Instagram: @DawnBreese
Fun Facts: Went on King of the Road for a day and spent time in Antartica with Peter Hewitt’s dad. Loves birds!
Quote from Podcast: “I’m kind of an Instagram lurker.”


Mother of Lizzie Armanto
Instagram: @EAM356
Fun Facts: Was completely out of the loop the day Lizzie did the loop. Also broke some ribs skateboarding years back.
Quote From Podcast: “I was not one to shelter them.”


Mother of Sky
Instagram: @KarenJonz
Fun Facts: Won the women’s X-games gold medal for vert in 2008.
Quote from Podcast: “Do the fuckin’ dishes or laundry; do something—Help out!”


Mother of Schmitty
Instagram: What’s Instagram?
Fun Facts: Had Ray Meyers old mini ramp in their backyard. Also was woken up by the police at 2am asking who the bum was passed out on her front porch, only to find out it was her son.
Quote from Podcast: “That’s right, today’s the day”


Mother of Curren and Peyton Caples
Instagram: @BiscuitCaples
Fun Facts: Got a hotel upgrade for being Curren’s mom.
Quote from Podcast: “Call Acosta!”


Mother of Cedric and Roman Pabich
Instagram: @MissLisasArt
Fun Facts: Roman won $4K at Thrasher’s Halloween Hell Ride at the Diamond Contest and bought his mom and dad new phones with the money at the age of 13.
Quote from Podcast: “Who the fuck is that clown?!?”