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Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 90: James Kelch

This episode is dedicated with love to MARCUS “NOSEY” DILLARD (R.I.P.)

You can put my next guest in there with George Moscone, Willie Brown, Gavin Newsome, and London Breed. That’s right kids, this is the Mayor—James Kelch discussing growing up as a military kid, finding a home on Treasure Island, EMB, gettin’ sponsored and turning pro for REAL, the Raiders, Billy Valdez, Hella Cool Skateboards, current life in Cincinatti and more…THIS IS EPISODE 90, lets get it!



Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 89: Dan & Max (SPAZZ)

Caught up with Max Ward and Dan Lactose for some way back machine fun and the origin story of their band SPAZZ. Growing up in the Peninsula, punk shows at the Pony Express pizza spot in Redwood City, Plutocracy, recording with Bart, Kevvy Kev at KZSU, meeting Kool Keith and much more are all discussed in this look back at a band that only got bigger after it was gone.

Dan: @DanLactose 
Max: @625_Thrash


Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 88: Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley lives and breathes skateboarding. In the early 2000’s, he had a huge role in kickstarting Vans and Thrasher back into the elite atmosphere they maintain now. I caught up with him over the Zoom and talked early days in Liverpool, Lemmy, Skater of the Year, Luke McKirdy, skate shops, dedicating his last Vans video to Jake Phelps, his new board company Free Dome Skateboards, and much much more… I’ve been friends with Geoff for years but it’s always a privilege to get to chat and absorb some of his energy and wisdom. It’s episode 88 kids, ENJOY!

Geoff talks about how scary this was and not wanting to ever go back…

Getting blunted in his Vans “Take It Back” part…


February 1999

April 2001

September 2001

April 2005

November 2009

Instagram: @GeoffRowley
Website: Free Dome Skateboards

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 87: Frankie Hill

Growing up in Santa Barbara and eventually riding for Powell Peralta, getting a Thrasher cover, going to SF with Guy and Rudy, filming video parts with Stacy Peralta, getting an offer from Gonz, blowing out his knee, the comeback, a phone call from Ray Simmonds, Hill skateboards, a first impression from Todd Hastings, Tim & Eric 2, figuring out the schnitty with Schmitty and much more with the legend himself, Frankie Hill!

Frankie Hill First ad Powell Peralta—NUTS!

Classic cover shot by Mofo

Instagram: @FrankieHill1

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 86: JT Aultz

JT tells it all: growing up in Poway, showing up at Webber for the first time with a Zorlac, Duffel’s Pirate Ship bed, Bob Burnquist getting him on REAL, the heartbreak of losing the Chargers, Drehobl crashing a wedding, Blink 182 burritos, a first impression from Ernie Torres and much more…

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 85: Pancho & McKenney

When life gives you lemons, we give you Pancho and McKenney. Hopefully this brightens your day with some laughs and a brand new Tim and Eric segment for your video pleasure intermission style. Big love and thanks for the support, if you’re down go subscribe to the Youtube or we might just stop the video program…

Comics By: Rama Ranson

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 84: Diego Bucchieri

Diego is family—straight up! So good catching up with him in Spain via Zoom and talking about: early days in Argentina, coming to United States for first time, meeting Fausto and Jake, backside 180 Wallenberg without a ramp, being on the fatal trip that Phil Shao died on, turning pro for Think, moving to LA and riding for Toy Machine, living with Jaya and much more…This one’s for Luchi and the Father—Valor!

THINK Ad, this double set is huge…

2006 at the RVCA contest…

Toy Machien ad…

At the plant with Phelper…

Luciano Cristobal and Diego’s heads completely broken at the Grand Canyon…

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 83: Brian Brannon

Triple OG skate rock veteran and Thrasher Magazine’s music editor through the 90’s, Brian Brannon, sits in for a two-hour special interview talking: skating pipes and pools, Jodie Foster’s Army, The Bobobba special, The Billy Pepper beat-down, the first wall grind rule in a pool vs the fs roll-in at the Widow Maker, working at the mag, touring with J.F.A., and much more. This is Skate Rock city and the speedometer is off, enjoy it all and then do it again and as always, SPREAD THE LOVE! Thank you all…



At the plant with BK and Phelps

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 82: Andy Granelli

Born in the same hospital and lived on the same street as me; our lives collide with an ‘outbreak’ of stories involving: punk rock, skateboarding, the Peninsula, Model Americans, Nerve Agents, playing the SOTY Party, joining the Distillers and hitting them drums. Thanks Andy, glad we finally got her done!

Andy sent me the photos below from the old days…

This is more recent from when Sally and I went to see The Distillers in Oakland…

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 73: Evan Husney (Dark Side of the Ring)

Evan Husney is Executive Producer and co-creator of the incredible doc series on wrestling entitled, “Dark Side of the Ring”. Listen as we discuss his work at Viceland, working with legendary wrestlers on the show(which they finished during the pandemic). I think you’ll really be blown away from things like: Bruiser Brody getting killed backstage in Puerto Rico, car robbers outside their hotel room, a threat from a former wrestler, and Owen Hart’s accidental fall to death during a pay-per-view in which the event continued after Owen was carted out of the arena. I know it’s not skateboarding, but this stuff is insane to me and I am truly intrigued and loved every minute of these docs. It was an honor to have Evan on the show and a big thanks again to Weibs for connecting the dots. Big love!

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Evan in the squared circle…

A shoot interview with Jake the Snake Roberts…