Ep. 94: Allysha Le

Allysha and I discuss: growing up in El Segundo, getting on H-Street and Osiris, Hoopla Skateboards, Lizzie Armanto,   leaving Hoopla for Creature,  solving the Rubiks Cube, The Chili Bowl contests at Potrero Del Sol and much more…

Ep. 93: Salman Agah

The Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year award began in 1990. First there was Tony Hawk, followed by Danny Way, then John Cardiel, and then my next guest. Salman grew up in Nor-Cal, was sponsored early on by Powell and was a huge part of the early days of REAL skateboards, oh and by the way… HE is the Switch God.

Ep. 92: Tim Kerr (Big Boys)

Tim and I talk about growing up in Texas, the Big Boys, Pflugerville, Skate Rock, Jeff Phillips, Bad Brains, Poison 13, The Monkeywrench, skating ditches, Wirtz Elementary kids singing Minor Threat and much more—this one’s a long one but like Tim says…He’s done a lot of stuff!

Ep. 91: Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam

Growing up in a small town of roughly 600 people, Jeff Ament has made his mark in a major way.  Green River, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Band of Horses revenge, Montana Pool Services, the greatest American rock band debate, a first impression from Tony Farmer,  and much more…

Ep. 90: James Kelch

That’s right kids, this is the Mayor, James Kelch discussing growing up as a military kid, finding a home on Treasure Island, EMB, getting sponsored and turning pro for REAL, the Raiders, Billy Valdez, Hella Cool Skateboards, current life in Cincinatti and more…

Ep. 89: Dan & Max from SPAZZ

Max Ward and Dan Lactose tell the origin story of their band SPAZZ, growing up in the Peninsula, punk shows at the Pony Express, Plutocracy, recording with Bart, Kevvy Kev at KZSU, meeting Kool Keith and much more. 650 REPRESENT!

Ep. 88: Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley lives and breathes skateboarding. In this one we talk early days in Liverpool, Lemmy, Skater of the Year, Luke McKirdy, skate shops, dedicating his last Vans video to Jake Phelps, his new board company Free Dome Skateboards, and much much more… I’ve been friends with Geoff for years but it’s always a privilege to get to chat and absorb some of his energy and wisdom. It’s episode 88 kids, ENJOY!

Ep. 87: Frankie Hill

Growing up in Santa Barbara and eventually riding for Powell Peralta, getting a Thrasher cover, going to SF with Guy and Rudy, getting an offer from Gonz, blowing out his knee, the comeback, a phone call from Ray Simmonds, a first impression from Todd Hastings,  figuring out the shnitty with Schmitty and much more with the legend himself, Frankie Hill!

Ep. 86: JT Aultz

JT tells it all: growing up in Poway, showing up at Webber for the first time with a Zorlac, Duffel’s Pirate Ship bed, Bob Burnquist getting him on REAL, the heartbreak of losing the Chargers, Drehobl crashing a wedding, Blink 182 burritos, a first impression from Ernie Torres and much more…

Ep. 85: Pancho & McKenney

When life gives you lemons, we give you Pancho and McKenney. These two reunite on the pod and it’s nothing but good times and laughs with a new intermission segment starring Tim and Eric J.

Ep. 84: Diego Bucchieri

Diego is family—straight up! So good catching up with him in Spain via Zoom and talking about: early days in Argentina, coming to United States for first time, meeting Fausto and Jake, being on the fatal trip that Phil Shao died on, turning pro for Think, moving to LA and riding for Toy Machine, living with Jaya and much more…

Ep. 83: Brian Brannon (J.F.A.)

Triple OG skate rock veteran and  Thrasher Magazine’s music editor through the 90’s, Brian Brannon sits in for a two-hour special interview talking: skating pipes and pools, Jodie Foster’s Army, The Bobobba special, The Billy Pepper beat-down, the first wall grind rule in a pool vs the fs roll-in at the Widow Maker, working at the mag, touring with J.F.A., and much more.

Ep. 82: Andy Granelli (The Distillers)

Born in the same hospital and lived on the same street as me; our lives collide with an ‘outbreak’ of stories involving: punk rock, skateboarding, the Peninsula, Model Americans, Nerve Agents, playing the SOTY Party, joining the Distillers and hitting them drums. Thanks Andy, glad we finally got her done!

Ep. 81: Youtube Premiere w/ McKenney

After getting lots of requests, we have decided to try our luck in the video world. We now are offering both audio only and Youtube video versions of the podcast—Let me know your thoughts…


Ep. 80: Mike Manzoori

Everything from growin’ up in England, skating for ATM after the Gonz, meeting Jaya, Toad, Senn and the Adrenaline boys, filming Heath at Bobs, BMX insanity, Dinosaur Jr and Pixies videos, dinner with Tom Petty and Tony Hawk at George Harrissons castle and much more.


Ep. 79: Tobin Yelland

Tobin Yelland and I discuss  Julien’s first front board on a handrail, Mike Alcantar,  San Francisco treats, early Anti Hero days, working at Concrete Jungle with the Phelper and much more…


Ep. 78: Ray Simmonds

I asked Rob Welsh who his top 3 requests to be on the show would be and without too much hesitation he said, “Rrrrrrrrrray Simmonds!!!!” Here you go Rob, I think everyone will love hearing Rays stories but especially us that grew up in the H-Street era living in Nor-Cal.


Ep. 77: Jaime Reyes

From early days of Oahu to getting the cover of Thrasher Magazine; Jaime Reyes is nothing less than legendary status-her cover is in the Smithsonian!  Huge inspiration with tales of  Hawaii, SF, and NYC and we even have a First Impressions cameo this week… Do yourself a favor and listen up y’all!


Ep. 76: Chuck Treece

After trying to make it happen for a few months, it has finally arrived. Episode 76 with legendary CHUCK TREECE! Listen as we discuss: being the first black man on the cover of Thrasher  Magazine, Savannah Slamma, Stacy Peralta, skating with Tom Groholski, McRad and providing the soundtrack for epic skate videos, HR and Bad Brains, Skate Rock and much more. Dude’s such a legend, and as Ron Allen so appropriately said “Put Chuck in the Hall of Fame already!!!”


Ep. 75: Chris "Dune" Pastras

Chris and I start the show off with a serious talk about racism and the brutal murder of George Floyd, what’s been going on, and the changes we want to have happen. It’s followed by more of our traditional style interview where we discuss Dune’s history in skateboarding, growing up in Jersey, Shut Skateboards, living in SF, starting the iconic brand Stereo Skateboards with Jason Lee, and much much more. There’s lots to absorb in this one and I hope you all tune in.

Ep. 74: Laban Pheidias

Laban and I discuss juggling, spending some time growing up in Maine, turning pro for Blockhead Skateboards, the Big Brother cover shoot, Fuel TV, Barn Dog and Damian, music videos with Bieber and Shecks and a lot more…

Ep. 73: Evan Husney(Dark Side Of The Ring)

Executive Producer and co-creator of the incredible doc series, “Dark Side of the Ring” discusses his work at Viceland, working with legendary wrestlers on the show, and dealing with car robbers and threats from former wrestlers along with covering some of the stories like  Owen Hart’s accidental fall to death during a pay-per-view in which the event continued after Owen was carted out of the arena. I know it’s not skateboarding, but  this stuff is insane to me and I am truly intrigued and loved every minute of these docs. It was an honor to have Evan on the show.

Ep. 72: David Gravette

Dave and I get together via Zoom and discuss quitting Kronik the same day they turned him pro, riding for Creature, King of the Road, getting married,  getting his car stolen multiple times and much more…

Ep. 71: Mother's Day Special

Special 3 hour tribute to the rad moms out there. Interviews with Jessica Starkweather, Dawn Breese, Eva Armanto, Karen Jonz, Shelly Caples, and Lisa Pabich.  There’s sound bites from past interviews, and a cameo from Schmitty’s mom along with a motherly playlist of tunes. Throw some coals on the Q and help pay respect to las madres. As Tupac said, they are appreciated!

Ep. 70: Jason Jessee

Growing up with the Fletchers,  learning backside airs from Steadham, turning pro the same day Baca was born, playing music with Blender, filming a movie with Jackie Chan, surfing the North Shore with Jay Adams, pantsing fools, and much more. Episode Seven-Oh FUCK YEAH!!!  Not intended for weak sucks…

Ep. 69: Andy Roy

Episode 69 opened up and Andy Roy slid in…Andy and I talk growing up in the 209, moving to Santa Cruz and turning pro for Sims, joining Anti-Hero, meeting Phelper and much much more. WARNING: This may not be intended for you parents ears…

Ep. 68: Atiba Jefferson

From getting kicked out of High Speed while working at TWS to working for Thrasher and getting dem covers; Atiba and I discuss growing up in Colorado to the present day shooting skating and the NBA, playing in a band, and then some. This one is a stoke!

Ep. 67: Mimi Knoop

The amazing Mimi Knoop talks Hoopla, winning the Combi contest, starting the Women’s Skateboard Alliance, boycotting the 2005 X Games, living in Cuba vs Cincinatti, the upcoming olympics and more…

Ep. 66: Tunes w/McKenney pt. 2(Covid19)

Tunes with McKenney again? Yes, but this time there’s more madness as we discuss staying in doors, washing hands and all other things to prepare ourselves against Covid19. Also a special appearance from our lovely Exec. Director, Sharal Camisa. Come rain, sleet, snow or mini apocalypse—the show must go on!

Ep. 65: Una Farrar

Una, Dos, Tres… Nope!   Una Farrar? YUP! Listen as we talk filming for the upcoming Vans video, getting broke off and coming back in time for hammers, the art of finger boarding, fake tampons at Wheels of Fortune and much more…

Ep. 64: Dandy Harris

Dandy Harris (co-owner of 510 skateshop) discusses growing up in Nor Cal, opening a skate shop with her husband, the Travis Scott Dunks rage, Fugazi at Dolores Park, donating to Treasure Island’s DIY and more.

Ep. 63: Giulietta Carrelli

Toast, coffee, waves-what better way to start your day. Giulietta, owner of Trouble Coffee sits in and tells some of her epic adventures from Early days in Cleveland up to present in the outer sunset SF,CA…

Ep. 62: Alex White

Alex White talks Going Nowhere Faster, skating with Peter Gunn and Zarosh, her Top 10 female and non binary Thrasher article, working real estate, Vent City, memes, becoming brand manager for Krux, and much more…

Ep. 61:Tony Tieu

T2 sits down at his home a few blocks from Steph Curry’s and talks early SF days at EMB, FTC, going to school with Jovantae, Shortys, Santa Barbara skating with George Nagai, House of Skatin’, living with Ty Evans, shooting photos and much more…

Ep. 60: Joe Fong

Born and raised in the SFC, Joe Fong talks Bombora, the Belmont Drop, Joe Lopes Ramp, hangin’ with Fausto and Eric, test riding the first indy trucks, Jungle Bowl and much more on today’s special 60th episode. Lots of history on this one, so I hope you enjoy it; and thanks Joe for taking the time to share some of your memories.

Ep. 59: Tunes With McKenney

When Tim and I get together it’s always full of laughter and love, add an Eric J cameo and a phone call to Jason Jessee surrounded by tunes and you’re in for two hours of pure bliss…

Ep. 58: Axel Cruysberghs

Turning pro for Toy Machine, being on the first King of the Road covered by Vice, dating Lizzie Armanto, modeling for Vogue, Tesla life, Vans Euro and much more on today’s episode with the good homie from Belgium, Mr. Axel Cruysberghs.

Ep. 57: Michael Sieben

Roger Skate Co, the Internet Shack, getting the call from the Burndog and much more on today’s episode with Michael Sieben of Austin Texas.

Ep. 56: Tony Trujillo

Who better to dedicate episode 56 to the old man than Tony T? Growing up in Santa Rosa, winning Marseille, Travelling with AntiHero, winning SOTY, Bad Shit and more-stoked on this one. Thanks T!

Ep. 55: Fabiana Delfino

I sat down with Fabiana at her hotel in SF early morning style and talked about Am Scramble, turning pro at Bust or Bail, the Olympics, a female SOTY and more.

Ep. 54: Ronnie Sandoval

This week I catch up with 2019 Skater of the Year heavy contender, Mr. Ronnie Sandoval. We discuss early days gettin’ flowed by Almost, getting on Krooked, meeting the Gonz and Jason Jessee, San Pedro skatepark and of course, Robbie Russo.

Ep. 53: 2019 Year In Review

I called up my old pal, Tim McKenney and we shot the shit, talking about the ones and giving out some awards. It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but we got through yet another year. Big love to all you that support and listen. Happy new years everyone, stay safe out there!

Ep. 52: Silas Baxter Neal

Talkin’ Schmit gets their first SOTY on the show this week in SBN from the great Northwest. We discuss that epic SOTY party with Too Short, getting the call from Phelper, skating for Adidas and much more…

Ep. 51: Satva Leung

From plush heated editing suite to the cold attic in Burlingame, Satva tells how editing Thrasher video #8 RAW gave him hives. Also hear about Welcome To Hell, Judah, skating for Maple, adventures in DJ land and much more.

Ep. 50: Schmitty

The host sits down for episode 50 on his 50th birthday with loads of texts and phone calls from the likes of Elissa Steamer, Jason Jessee, Toad, the fro’s, Oskar and Felix and a lot more. Prepare to listen to this one on a long drive or in segments, it’s got a total run time of 2:31 but we hope you enjoy it.  Special thanks to Sharal for directing this one in an executive way and all her support. Cheers!

Ep. 49: Pete "The Ox" Colpitts

Over two hours of Peninsula pride wrapped up into an array of topics varying from the early days at Spillway to the later days at Gazebo banks. Tampa Pro qualifier? Yup! Thanks so much for spending the time Pete, Im pretty sure everyone else thanks you too. Cheers!

Ep. 48: Mike "Arco" Archimedes

Triple OG born and raised in the SFC, I was honored to get some time to talk Sick Boys, discovering China Banks, meeting Phelper, Day On the Green and beyond with the legendary Mike Archimedes. Concrete Jungle is forever—Thanks Arco!

Ep. 47: Chris Haslam

This ain’t no milk and cookies kids, it’s the bearded Canadian Chris Haslam talkin’ some early days in Singapore, getting sponsored, skating with Daewon and Rodney, filming Cheese and Crackers, WWE wrestling and much much more.

Ep. 46: Justin Strubing

Born in Burlingame, raised in Boulder Creek; Justin Strubing talks getting sponsored, having video part of the year, his family opening a skate shop, being in his home on fire, the infamous zine Splasher and much more.

Ep. 45: Darren Navarrette

Day after Rumble in Ramona 9, I stopped by the aftermath of the vertical gathering and talked my old friend Navarrette into doing a podcast. A few bloody marys, DJ Cranny, a Skipper cameo, and batting practice all went down as Dave Reul crooned away. This is for the ones, the ones, the ones that do!

Ep. 44: Pancho Moler

He went to High School with Tim O’Connor, slept on Tim McKenney’s floor, lived in a garage in the Mission with the Butcher, took ecstacy with Duffy in Germany, dabble in the porn industry and played Sick Head in Rob Zombie’s “31”. That and so much more and through it all my long time friend Pancho Moler has always ‘walked tall’. Big love Panchy, thanks so much for meeting up!

Ep. 43: Bryce Kanights

When you turn on the podcast early in the morning and listen to an OG talk about photography and stunt wood riding, it can only mean one thing. That’s right mother fuckers—this man needs no introduction. Its the mighty BK—enjoy it, I know I did…


Who would have thought growing up in one of the most miserable cities in the US, that Nasty Neckface would one day be a house hold name in the world of graffiti, travel the world with the big dogs, and have his own Thrasher cover?

Ep. 41: Shane Medanich

Whether it be the road, the riff, the crew or the skate; you can guarantee one thing. Shane in Blood will bring the passion. From early days in Downstate New York to playing with Hightower and Slashers in the current day Shane ain’t afraid to talk shit on Riki Rachtman nor show his love for modern Metallica. Making up for lost time is what we do best—Thanks Shane!

Ep. 40: Dennis Busenitz

Born in a small town in Kansas and raised in Germany, known for going fast and flipping his board, Dennis also flipped a car with Phelper. Listen to us laugh, almost cry and say the word ‘whatever’. This is as “legit” as it comes. It’s episode 40! Thanks Dennis.

Ep. 39: Trixie Trujillo

From Tallahassee to San Diego all the way up to the SF craze. Paramedic? Yup. Played China before the Rolling Stones? No doubt. Took stitches out of Figgy’s head? Did it. Mega Skate Rock miles, travelling with the best and married to 2002 Skater of the Year, Tony Trujillo. She puts the bad-ass into Bad Shit. This one’s for the books, thanks Trix!

Ep. 38: Karl Watson

Legendary Bay Area native Karl Watson sits in and talks early Think days, EMB, Max Allure, publishing his first book and a whole lot more…

Ep. 37: Jordan Richter

No FF button needed, Jordan Richter is the truth! From being in the best skateboarding video of all time, living with Danny Way, taking hallucinogens, finding Islam and more—this one’s a must listen.

Ep. 36: Matt Pailes

If you look back in time he’s the reason I found chin again… The second I went to the B and saw Matt Rodriguez and skated with Pailes it was on.  I love you Pailes. —Tim McKenney

Ep. 35: Jeremy Fish

Jeremy Fish: Mayor of North Beach, leader of the infamous Silly Pink Bunnies, and wearer of all brown talks Schmit about his 25 years in his beloved City of San Francisco, skateboarding, and art.  His contributions to to all three are immeasurable and it’s a pleasure to hear the stories, trials and tribulations that have helped shape his time here in the place he calls home. —Fred Levy 

Ep. 34: Noelle Fiore

Noelle is a good friend of mine who has an enormous amount of love for dogs and works as a volunteer at Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive. She has been playing music for many years and recently started her own band, Noelle and the Deserters.

Ep. 33: Elias Bingham

Elias and I sat in the air conditioned rental car and talked about getting jumped on two-four, living in a skate house on Van Ness, running a valet service in SF, moving to Austin,TX and opening a skateshop, his great grandfather discovering Machu Picchu and a lot more.

Ep. 32: Austin Amelio

Down in Austin,TX with Austin Amelio talkin’ The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, but always first… Skateboarding!   No matter if you’re Alive Rolling or Walking Dead, you best FEAR THE TALKIN’ SCHMIT! (had to, sorry)

Ep. 31: Mike Crum & Ribs-man

Schmitty does Dallas with a short stop at the 4DWN skatepark and a quick convo with Mike Crum  and a special guest appearance from the masked skeleton skater, Ribs-Man.

Ep. 30: Eric J.

Eric J gets goat roped into a full conversation about early Think days, living on a boat at Pier 39, skating with the Hell Ride crew, hide-a-dook down a previous guests chimney, Wheatberry stories and a lot more. Special co-host appearance by Tim McKenney

Ep. 29: Ron Allen

Ron talks: H Street, Life, Sean Sheffey, FUN, American Dream inc, and so much more…  It’s Ron Allen kids, so listen up and you’ll definitely learn something.

Ep. 28: Mike Crabtree

Listen as we catch up and talk about all the bands he’s played in(including one with me), the Tilt Mode Army, the BMC, Tim Brauch, going to school with Gershon, living in the Pink House and of course… Dirty and the Donuts. It’s episode 28—tune in, won’t you?

Ep. 27: Keith Cochrane

In 1984, I saw Keith doing an invert for a Venture ad at my local pool in San Carlos, I later worked as a filmer for him at Think Skateboards, today we catch up and talk Phil Shao, McKenney, Chris Cook, Venture trucks, Fausto and more…

Ep. 26: Fatty

Gear up for some epic tales of growing up in the E, Crocker Amazon park, Phelper stories, and more. Truly one of a kind and family for life. Gotta love Fatty!

Ep. 25: Jake Palladino

Hightower, Pins of Light, Your Leader, and now Psychic Hit—Jake plugs in and adds electricity to any stage of life.

Ep. 24: Aaron "Jaws" Homoki

Skate Rock, mouth harps, Phelper, the huge stair set in France, Lizzie, Tony Hawk and more. Love you Jaws!

Ep. 23: Team Pierre

From eating crabs to the early days of EMB, the SF punk scene at the Mab, and skating from SF to Santa Cruz—Team Pierre has seen it all.

Ep. 22: Kristian Svitak

Out in Cleveland, Ohio; I got a tour of some of Kristian’s old skate spots and talked Black Label, Mike V, Team Insanity, Brad Staba, 1031 and much more…

Ep. 21: Andy Kuno

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 31:  Team photographer Andy Kuno of the San Francisco Giants works on Market Street during the World Series parade on October 31, 2012 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Brad Mangin)
SF Giants photographer for 24 years… Throw him into slot 21— his birthday’s the 21st. Andy Kuno discusses baseball, photography, the city of SF and much more…

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Ep. 20: Omar Hassan

Episode 20 has the legendary Omar Hassan talkin’ Blockhead to Black Label and everything in between…

Ep. 19: Donny Miller

Donny Miller
Donny Miller sits in and talks about his new Bricks brand endeavor with Jason Jessee and more…

Ep. 18: Sean Gutierrez

SF Native Sean Gutierrez has been on every Skate Rock trip but two and has epic stories about Phelper, P-Stone, Cancer Dan and more…

Ep. 17: Lizzie Armanto

Listen in as we talk the making of her Thrasher part, traveling with Tony Hawk, being the only girl to do the loop, the Olympics and much more…

Ep. 16: Zarosh Eggleston

Zarosh and I discuss the Cachagua Dirtboard Race, his relation to Freddy Mercury,  Ghandi, living under the bridge at Washington Street, how meditation led to him being in a David Lynch film and more…

Ep. 15: Lee Charron

From Concussion Magazine to Creature Skateboards and in between, the acid trips, the making of the OJ Show—Creature Lee covers it all and we even get a very special phone call from Mexico…

Ep. 14: Jen O'Brien & Carabeth Burnside

Jen and CB talkin’ early skate days in Florida, Duane Peters,  the progression of girls skateboarding, High Times and Thrasher covers, and a whole lot more…

Ep. 13: Chet Childress

Met up with Chet over some java and caught up on what has gone down over the last 20 years from Cacka to Portland to SJ to Colorado to Europe-Chets been everywhere, man…

Ep. 12: Eric Shea

Hot Lunch’s front-man, Eric Shea discusses growing up in SJ, living in Tahoe during the Mile High vert contest, playing music and living with Mike Prosenko, being in the Dogtown movie, and much much more…

Ep. 11: Nicole Hause

2018 Vans Girls Combi Classic winner talks favorite foods, thoughts on the olympics, living with Carabeth and her 9 cats and more…

Ep. 10: Toad

Antonius Stavous Dintcho and I discuss early skateboard memories, the term Schmittying,  Blood Wizard skateboards, the Chili Bowl and a whole lot more. We even take phone calls from Elissa Steamer and John Cardiel!

Ep. 9: Big Hongry

Our Life, the East Bay rap scene, kickin’ it with Omar Hassan, photographing ladies, playing the SOTY party—Hongry tells it all…

Ep. 8: Jessica Krausse

Jessica Krause talks about her early Think days, getting catfished by a skatepark, time in Thailand and her struggle with epilepsy…

Ep. 7: Ryan "Peabody" McWhirter

The Bod talks Indiana to SF, Anti-Hero, the Big Dog and much much more…

Ep. 6: Tim McKenney

Been more then 10 years since I’ve seen this dude. SHOUT OUT Timothy Donald McKenney!

Ep. 5: Rob Collinson

Rob talks internet trolls, growing up in Maine, movin’ to SF, Lowcard and more…

Ep. 4: Cory Obenour

Cory talks growing up in SJ, starting a restaurant and naming it Blue Plate, Toads gnarly brother and more…

Ep. 3: Evan Becker

Becker stops by to give his blessing on the podcast and not for nothing talk Trife…

Ep. 2: Tony Farmer

Ol’ Farmer sits down and talks about his love of Moz, skating pools, the great rock n roll band debate, Cameron Diaz and much much more…

Ep. 1: Alex "Cranny" Horn

So as it turns out, I have a podcast. I am going to try and get one out every Tuesday. Who better to start off  with than my bro, Mr. Alex Scott Horn.