Cairo and I catch up and discuss his short lived time with Mad Circle, his part in The Reason, Tornado Talk, skating for Lakai, rooming with Gonz, Thrasher covers, skating for Real, Supernaut, and much more...

Episode 200: MOFO

Mofo is back with stories of: the Ektachrome blues, Rodney Mullen, Laguna Seca and the Hutson tuck, spending nights with KT on deadlines, calls from Jay Adam’s, silver halides, becoming a Drunk Injun and much more


Mike York has us talkin' board sponsors from Real to Roller Horror, his Chocolate carreer, favorite video part, big things he's been there for, and much more. Big love to Yorkatron, always a pleasure!


We're deep in the heart of Austin with Jake Nunn talkin' skate spots like the ski jump, Dillo, Zac Martin, early stair jumpin, Jeff Phillips, getting on Think, turning pro, moving to SFC, Think vs City Stars, and more


Episode 197 has Shawn Mandoli talkin' his rugged upbringing, moving to San Jose, growing up skating with Tim Brauch, Edward Devera, Salman Agah, and others, getting on REAL & going pro, getting into ministry, the Rolli Mandoli wheel and more. …


We're talkin Klamath Falls, Burnside, Lincoln City, Bacon and Lifeblood skateboards, travelling with BK and Kowalski, working with Dreamland skateparks, turning pro, getting on Creature and more.


Greer Skatepark, skating Stanford with Orfn and Dagger, filming with the Carroll brothers, Paul Zuanich and Phil Shao, the Dogtown video, meeting Cardiel, working with Ternasky on PlanB videos, Pat Duffy's part going into the Smithsonian and much more...


Your boy came from the front porch to driving a Porsche and ran through 3 Bentleys, sittin’ next to Denzel Washington at a Lakers game, keeping’ it heavy in the streets filming for a new Baker video, Theotis checks in …