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Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 84: Diego Bucchieri

Diego is family—straight up! So good catching up with him in Spain via Zoom and talking about: early days in Argentina, coming to United States for first time, meeting Fausto and Jake, backside 180 Wallenberg without a ramp, being on the fatal trip that Phil Shao died on, turning pro for Think, moving to LA and riding for Toy Machine, living with Jaya and much more…This one’s for Luchi and the Father—Valor!

THINK Ad, this double set is huge…

2006 at the RVCA contest…

Toy Machien ad…

At the plant with Phelper…

Luciano Cristobal and Diego’s heads completely broken at the Grand Canyon…

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 83: Brian Brannon

Triple OG skate rock veteran and Thrasher Magazine’s music editor through the 90’s, Brian Brannon, sits in for a two-hour special interview talking: skating pipes and pools, Jodie Foster’s Army, The Bobobba special, The Billy Pepper beat-down, the first wall grind rule in a pool vs the fs roll-in at the Widow Maker, working at the mag, touring with J.F.A., and much more. This is Skate Rock city and the speedometer is off, enjoy it all and then do it again and as always, SPREAD THE LOVE! Thank you all…



At the plant with BK and Phelps

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 82: Andy Granelli

Born in the same hospital and lived on the same street as me; our lives collide with an ‘outbreak’ of stories involving: punk rock, skateboarding, the Peninsula, Model Americans, Nerve Agents, playing the SOTY Party, joining the Distillers and hitting them drums. Thanks Andy, glad we finally got her done!

Andy sent me the photos below from the old days…

This is more recent from when Sally and I went to see The Distillers in Oakland…

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 81: Youtube Premiere w/ McKenney

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARAL AMBER CAMISA—I LOVE YOU!!! We took the guy with a face for radio and are taking our chances in the video world… Will this be a one and done or the new new? We’ll leave that up to you. Email us at and let us know your thoughts. Thanks for letting me experiment. Cheers!

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 80: Mike Manzoori

Very stoked to bring you this one with Manzoori. Everything from growin’ up in England, skating for ATM after the Gonz, meeting Jaya, Toad, Senn and the Adrenaline boys, filming Heath at Bobs, BMX insanity, Dinosaur Jr and Pixies videos, dinner with Tom Petty and Tony Hawk at George Harrissons castle and much more. Mike’s had an amazing road travelled and is one of the best in boardin’ behind the lens. If you don’t enjoy this one, we can’t help you…

Tre-bomb in Stockwell…

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 79: Tobin Yelland

Tobin Yelland and I discuss Julien’s first front board on a handrail, Mike Alcantar, San Francisco treats, early Anti Hero days, working at Concrete Jungle with the Phelper and much more…

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Classic Phil Shao at a barely painted Greer park back in his Confusion days…

Mike Alcantar warmin it up on the playground of Everett School in SF,CA…

Mack Dawg, Mike McEntire filming super 8 for Sick Boys…

Out front Julien front boards a handrail for the first time. BK with the fish and I get a snipe from behind…

Later in life, Danny Sargent came back to Everett for a 5050

JC at Burnside…

Classic one of Andy Roy…

Thanks Tobin, you’re a legend!

Shop through Tobin’s amazing prints at TOBINSHOP.COM

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 78: Ray Simmonds

I asked Rob Welsh who his top 3 requests to be on the show would be and without too much hesitation he said, “Rrrrrrrrrray Simmonds!!!!” Here you go Rob, I think everyone will love hearing Rays stories but especially us that grew up in the H-Street era living in Nor-Cal.


This episode is dedicated to Jeff Pettit. Photo: Gabe Morford

This is the last of the photos I have. These crappy photos were taken by Pettit or Jerry Thompson (he and I sitting on the rail). Some are a bit damaged even. The night shots were Christmas of 1986 because I have a date on the back when it was developed. The day shots are from earlier in 1986, and my boards are thrashed. I really liked the Lance Mountain at that time and changed the shape and graphics some (SCAN0203.jpg), but in the polaroids and low quality dark photos of doing a channel at College of Marin, I’m riding a Gonz -might have been Jerry’s board. One old shot in 1984/1985 early grab off a jump ramp -pretty funny. Surf Sports demo in 1988 with Jimmy’Z hat and shorts.

Early launch ramp 1985

Joel Wrona with stee

Tweaked ollie, Polaroid, Kentfield CA  1986

Ray & Jerry railing pose, College of Marin, 1986

Ollie gap College of Marin ’86

Ray & Jeff Ollie gap, College of Marin, 1986

Grindin’ Jeff’s house, 1986

Boardslide at Jeff’s ’86

Ollie at Jeffs ’86

Wall ride, Sutro Elementary, San Francisco, 1987, photo: Gabe Morford

Marin Jam/Contest?, 1987, photo: Gabe Morford

Ross Post Office, 1987, photo: Gabe Morford (Zoom-in to see reconstructed nose)

Marin Surf Sports Demo, Mill Valley, 1988

Use whatever you like. I wish I had better quality photos! Gabe has all the best shots and slides from epic slideshows somewhere… —Ray Simmonds


Brian Lotti and Colby Carter

Greg Carroll

Simmonds and Lotti

Ron Allen and Sean Sheffey

STOP SKATE HARASSMENT at Ross Post Office, 1987, poster: Gabe Morford
Jeff Pettit, Greg Loiacono, Ray, Joel Dougherty, Brian Nute, Mark Henderson, Justin Herwick, and Joel Wrona

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 77: Jaime Reyes

From early days of Oahu to getting the cover of Thrasher Magazine; Jaime Reyes is nothing less than legendary status-her cover is in the Smithsonian!  Huge inspiration with tales of  Hawaii, SF, and NYC and we even have a First Impressions cameo this week… Do yourself a favor and listen up y’all!

“I used to only be able to half cab into crooks…”  Photo: McGinley

Photo: McGinley

“Google me bitch! I front boarded the nine…”   Photo: Reda

Jaime’s first photo ever published was this cover shot back in ’94… LEGENDARY!

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 76: Chuck Treece

After trying to make it happen for a few months, it has finally arrived. Episode 76 with legendary CHUCK TREECE! Listen as we discuss: being the first black man on the cover of Thrasher  Magazine, Savannah Slamma, Stacy Peralta, skating with Tom Groholski, McRad and providing the soundtrack for epic skate videos, HR and Bad Brains, Skate Rock and much more. Dude’s such a legend, and as Ron Allen so appropriately said “Put Chuck in the Hall of Fame already!!!”

First African-American skateboarder to be featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine…

Token drummer shot on tour with Tommy Guerrero and Matt Rodriguez… Photo: Claudine Gossett

Tim McKenney stoked on the Treece episode…

Nike did it…

Our anthem…

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 75: Chris “Dune” Pastras

This is a two-part interview in one episode. We start the show off with a serious talk about racism and the brutal murder of George Floyd, what’s been going on, and the changes we want to have happen. It’s followed by more of our traditional style interview where we discuss Dune’s history in skateboarding, growing up in Jersey, Shut Skateboards, living in SF, starting the iconic brand Stereo Skateboards with Jason Lee, and much much more. There’s lots to absorb in this one and I hope you all tune in. Make sure you are registered and participate in the voting process.

Chris and I found these links with a collective of resources on how you can get involved and make a positive change:
@blklivesmatter on Instagram

Old days at Lincoln in SFC

Need a print of this one Gabe

Covers baby!

Rupert Safkin in “Hittin’ The Streets”—a classic Thrasher video of yesteryear…


Nollie Lip

Thanks Dune and lil Dune. Big love!

Dedicated to the memory of George Floyd and all who have experienced any form of racial inequality.