Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 99: MOFO Vol. 1

Raised in Escondido; Mofo is a straight up legend—a pioneer who created or helped create much of what drew me into the world of skateboarding. His stories are plenty and his miles are many and the people he’s shot photos of… you’ve probably had on your wall. Whether it be early days at Thrasher Magazine, living with Tony Alva in So-Cal, coining and launching the “Skate Rock” department, crashing on Swenson’s couch in SF, being front-man for the Drunk Injuns skate rock band, creating logos for Thunder Trucks and SMA, or partying with Skip Engblom in Venice—Mo was there. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did and believe me, the interview ran out of time way before I ran out of questions; thus the ‘Vol.1’ History is important kids, so listen up; it’s Mörizen Föche—RISIN RISIN!!!

BK, Mofo, Ortiz, and Grant Brittan—Now those are master lensmen…

Mofo and Kevin Thatcher

Blackhart and Mo

Early days

Rodney Mullen kids

Joe Lopes ramp jam

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