Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 88: Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley lives and breathes skateboarding. In the early 2000’s, he had a huge role in kickstarting Vans and Thrasher back into the elite atmosphere they maintain now. I caught up with him over the Zoom and talked early days in Liverpool, Lemmy, Skater of the Year, Luke McKirdy, skate shops, dedicating his last Vans video to Jake Phelps, his new board company Free Dome Skateboards, and much much more… I’ve been friends with Geoff for years but it’s always a privilege to get to chat and absorb some of his energy and wisdom. It’s episode 88 kids, ENJOY!

Geoff talks about how scary this was and not wanting to ever go back…

Getting blunted in his Vans “Take It Back” part…


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Instagram: @GeoffRowley
Website: Free Dome Skateboards