Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 101: Kickin’ It With Cranny

Year 3 kicks off with one of my best bro’s, Senor Alex “Cranny” Horn. Kickin’ it in Mexico via zoom, we discuss the early days living in San Diego, meeting the Hesh crew, getting hooked up by Black Label, Vox and later Creature, stories about the Big Dog, 2015 reminiscing of mayonaise, a huge ‘show and tell’ segment, and much more… We even have to legendary cameos including one former Skater of the Year. Bottom line is, we are BACK!

Cranny con pelo!


Real friends have the same middle name and have met their bro’s grandpa. Cranpa is nailing it in the triple figure club(!00 years runnning)

The Thrash with wifey…