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Talkin’ Schmit Presents: The 2020 Poddy Awards

The Poddy’s are here! Get ready to laugh, cry, say “that’s stupid”, and cry again. We got some awards, some giveaways and some acceptance speeches with a slice of spice for your Tuesday. Thanks to all of you that listen and help spread the stoke. Stay safe out there and I WILL BE BACK…

Best Laugh, Gnarliest story, Loosest Trucks, MOTY, Most Listened to, and Peoples Choice are just some of the awards along with 12 days of Christmas listener appreciation giveaways including a GoPro 9, a pair of CONS shoes, and a complete skateboard from REAL…

If you want to help support the show, head over to https://www.talkinschmit.com/​ and pick up some merchandise. Either way though, thank you for listening. I’d love to hear what you’ve learned—Cheers!

Started off with the bar raised(Loosest Trucks): Ronnie Sandoval
Fish That Almost Got Away: Chuck Treece
Music To My Ears: Chuck Treece
Master Lensman: Atiba Jefferson
Grossest story: Brian Brannon (GG Allin)
Funniest: Frankie Hill
Fantastic Female: Giulietta from Trouble Coffee
Best Laugh: Eric J
ART Gadoy award(artist): Mike Gigliotti from Lotties Skateshop
Peaches and Herb(Reunited): Tim McKenney and Pancho Moler
His Story: Salman Agah
Listener’s Shout-Out: Aaron Meza

M.O.T.Y. (Mother Of the Year): Lisa Pabich

Tampa Am’s Thanks For Showing Up: Tommy Guerrero
Most Listened To: Jason Jessee
Executive Director’s Choice: Andy Roy

Peoples Choice: Brian Brannon

Intro Music: “Mary’s Cross” by Natur
Tim & Eric music: “coffee and radar” by Shane Medanich
Credits Music: “Adirondack gate” by @Shane_Medanich
First Impression: Tim McKenney
Closing Monologue: Noelle Fiore
Executive Director: Sharal Camisa
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Talkin’ Schmit Ep.70: Jason Jessee

Growing up with the Fletchers, learning backside airs from Steadham, turning pro the same day Baca was born, playing music with Blender, filming a movie with Jackie Chan, surfing the North Shore with Jay Adams, pantsing fools, and much more. Episode Seven-Oh fuck yeah—Not intended for weak sucks…

Air to fakie at the Vertkeley skate camp…

Potrero park 8am to fakie on the one-eight…

Pocket tee modeling gig pays chicken feed…

Get yours today…

Angles for days in that tight SF jersey…

You don’t always see him on a front invert—this Spitfire ad is a classic…

Checkin’ the deck with a proper rock…

Up the hill, and over the channel to fakie for the Doug pound…

Jason designed/Zarosh printed shirts(even have a few hoodies and long sleeves)… still available HERE

No common dandy is taking it to the corner at Potrero…


Follow Jason:
Instagram: @JasonJessee
Website, Yeah!: Rollers California

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 60: Joe Fong

Born and raised in the SFC, Joe Fong talks Bombora, the Belmont Drop, Joe Lopes Ramp, hangin’ with Fausto and Eric and much more on today’s special 60th episode of Talkin Schmit. He also was instrumental in testing and developing the first Indy truck. Lots of history on this one—hope you enjoy it.

You say Belmont Drop, we say the Spillway. San Mateo hills early days, this is the first place I ever took my skateboard.

Jason Jessee, Dr. Rick, and Joe Fong…

Double Trouble with Randy Katen from an article in late 80’s Thrasher Magazine. Photo: BK

Kickin’ it with KT and the boys at Cunningham with the coals on fire…

Paul Daly Pool in Marin was Joe’s first pool. Huge 10 foot deep on a Hobie with ACS 500 trucks and Road Rider wheels…

Classic Fong. Photo: Ted Terrebonne

Kickin’ it with Allysha and Lizzie out front Double Rock…

Inside the Rock in full camp Fong mode…

Milpitas skatepark. Photo: Terrebonne

Schafley, Fong, Reyes, Thatcher, Olson, Blackhart, Guerrero at the NHS museum opening—Now that’s a triple OG crew! Photo: Brook

Two page spread in Skateboard Wordl Mag—Jungle Bowlin’ way back when… Photo: Hugh Holland

Flyin’ into Reno? Photo: Hugh Holland

Testing Indy trucks back in 1977 at Campbell skatepark. Photo: BK

Edger at Sierra Wave Skatepark in Rancho Cordova. Photo: Terrebonne

Joe, Jake and Ken—San Francisco baby!

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 59: Tunes With McKenney

Mc Can I get some music up on this pod? Tim and I sit down in the parking lot of Pacifica skatepark and dedicate some music, give some shout-outs and call a homie for confirmation of an upcoming appearance. Warning: Eric J may even appear…


Tim skating to “Dirty Boots” by Sonic Youth in an early Emerica video entitled “Yellow”…

Natas Kaupas skating to Firehose’s “Brave Captain” in “Streets of Fire”…

Goat rope to Frankie Hill in 2020

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 19: Donny Miller

Listen in as Donny Miller and I discuss Transcendental Meditation , edibles at Disneyland, working with Bernie Sanders, starting his new Bricks Brand company with Jason Jessee and a lot more. It’s episode 19 kids and sorry it’s so late in the day. Enjoy!