Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 60: Joe Fong

Born and raised in the SFC, Joe Fong talks Bombora, the Belmont Drop, Joe Lopes Ramp, hangin’ with Fausto and Eric and much more on today’s special 60th episode of Talkin Schmit. He also was instrumental in testing and developing the first Indy truck. Lots of history on this one—hope you enjoy it.

You say Belmont Drop, we say the Spillway. San Mateo hills early days, this is the first place I ever took my skateboard.

Jason Jessee, Dr. Rick, and Joe Fong…

Double Trouble with Randy Katen from an article in late 80’s Thrasher Magazine. Photo: BK

Kickin’ it with KT and the boys at Cunningham with the coals on fire…

Paul Daly Pool in Marin was Joe’s first pool. Huge 10 foot deep on a Hobie with ACS 500 trucks and Road Rider wheels…

Classic Fong. Photo: Ted Terrebonne

Kickin’ it with Allysha and Lizzie out front Double Rock…

Inside the Rock in full camp Fong mode…

Milpitas skatepark. Photo: Terrebonne

Schafley, Fong, Reyes, Thatcher, Olson, Blackhart, Guerrero at the NHS museum opening—Now that’s a triple OG crew! Photo: Brook

Two page spread in Skateboard Wordl Mag—Jungle Bowlin’ way back when… Photo: Hugh Holland

Flyin’ into Reno? Photo: Hugh Holland

Testing Indy trucks back in 1977 at Campbell skatepark. Photo: BK

Edger at Sierra Wave Skatepark in Rancho Cordova. Photo: Terrebonne

Joe, Jake and Ken—San Francisco baby!