Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 32: Austin Amelio

While I was in Austin for less then 48 hours, I managed to squeeze in an interview with Austin Amelio. Such a humble dude who is enjoying the huge success of being on The Walking Dead, and now Fear The Walking Dead. But first thing’s first, Austin has been skateboarding for about 25 years, he went to high school in Singapore, he’s been a supporter and rider for the local shop,—NO COMPLY, and he’s sponsored by Roger Skateboards. He even interviewed Jake Phelps way back at the very first Thrasher Death Match. No matter if you’re Alive Rolling or Walking Dead, you best FEAR THE TALKIN’ SCHMIT! (had to, sorry) Thanks again to Austin for taking the time out, and Elias Bingham for providing the space in his living room to interview.

all photos: @DharamKhalsa