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Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 109: HIGHTOWER

I looked up what the symbol for 20th anniversary was and it said: “traditional gift is china, and the modern 20-year anniversary gift is platinum.” Well for 20 years of Hightower, Im hoping all their albums go triple platinum and the band gets a world tour ending in China. Dave Fallis, Jake Palladino, Shane Medanich have all three been bros for days and their band Hightower has been ‘instrumental’ in many a SF party and beyond. Listen up kids, we’re talking Robstock, the 1040 house where it all began, bbq’s and skating on the road, from touring with S.T.R.E.E.T.S. to opening for Bad Brains, phone calls from Halsey, Magnethead, Weibust, and Sean John… there’s a lot going into this one, but I’ll let you decide what the highlights are. Listen up and when you’re done, head over to Bandcamp and get some of if not all their tunes. This is HIGHTOWER!!!

Chillin’ at Delores Park…

SPB Convention with Kool Keith…

Atwood photo…

24th Street…

Double Rock?!?!?!

Looks like Toad’s about to ‘SEND IT!’

Benders…. CHECK!

Opening for Bad Brains…. CHECK!

The Hemlock… CHECK!

San Jose with Dirty and the Donuts?!?!?     CHECK!!!

Kicked off stage at the SF Weekly awards after winning the award?     CHECK!!!

Acoustic at Bass Lake… CHECK That one off the list too…

Holdin’ it down at an Air BnB in Seattle…. FUCKIN CHECK!!!!

Thee Parkside with a J-Dog appearance??? CHECK!!!! Duh

Bros will always be the days!!!

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Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 25: Jake Palladino

Hightower, Pins of Light, Your Leader, and now Psychic Hit—Jake plugs in and adds electricity to any stage of life. Today we catch up and talk: winning the SF Weekly award in 2004, taking mushrooms with Lizard King, touring with S.T.R.E.E.T.S. during their Best Summer Ever, recording a song with yours truly on back-up vocals, the origin of his nickname Puppybreath, meeting Jello Biafra for the first time, the current SF situaish and more…

“I met Jake around the upper 90s in SF. He was always down for the skate missions whether it be all day around SF or a week on the road. Bassist for Hightower, all around awesome dude. and an old friend that’s always rad to run into.” —Rob Collinson