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Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 87: Frankie Hill

Growing up in Santa Barbara and eventually riding for Powell Peralta, getting a Thrasher cover, going to SF with Guy and Rudy, filming video parts with Stacy Peralta, getting an offer from Gonz, blowing out his knee, the comeback, a phone call from Ray Simmonds, Hill skateboards, a first impression from Todd Hastings, Tim & Eric 2, figuring out the schnitty with Schmitty and much more with the legend himself, Frankie Hill!

Frankie Hill First ad Powell Peralta—NUTS!

Classic cover shot by Mofo

Instagram: @FrankieHill1

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 59: Tunes With McKenney

Mc Can I get some music up on this pod? Tim and I sit down in the parking lot of Pacifica skatepark and dedicate some music, give some shout-outs and call a homie for confirmation of an upcoming appearance. Warning: Eric J may even appear…


Tim skating to “Dirty Boots” by Sonic Youth in an early Emerica video entitled “Yellow”…

Natas Kaupas skating to Firehose’s “Brave Captain” in “Streets of Fire”…

Goat rope to Frankie Hill in 2020

Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 30: Eric J.

Tonight is the night! Episode 30 with the elusive creature Eric Jalavara. Eric gets goat roped into a full conversation about early Think days, living on a boat at Pier 39, skating with the Hell Ride crew, defining Gumby, Wallenberg urban legend, hide-a-dook down a previous guests chimney, Wheatberry stories and a lot more. As if that wasn’t enough, I got a co-host to elaborate and give shout-outs on the fly—welcome back Timothy Donald McKenney. Big love from the Peninsula’s finest—you’re not gonna want to miss this one…