Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 41: Shane Medanich

Token drummer of the decade on epiclyTRIFE, Shane Medanich and I go way back. Matter of fact some of the first photos I have of him are from 2005. Listen in as we catch up on old times with smiles on our faces, mentioning deviled eggs, growing up in downstate New York, his new band Slashers, his love for SF and NYC, and lots of other Hightower things then “I Am the Wallride.” All that and much more. Big love Shane, thank you and great seeing you bro!

1989 Natural Born Ripper

With Phelper at 2o18 Death Match

Flower shopping

Way more into pole jams then Pearl Jam…


Chillin’ with Toad at Crocker’s Chili Bowl 2006

Air guitar karaoke contest at Thee Parkside 2010 ish

The riff!!!!

The River!!!

The vinyl!!!

War Child

Hightower at Double Rock—where the fuck’s Tackleberry?

The crew!!!