Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 78: Ray Simmonds

I asked Rob Welsh who his top 3 requests to be on the show would be and without too much hesitation he said, “Rrrrrrrrrray Simmonds!!!!” Here you go Rob, I think everyone will love hearing Rays stories but especially us that grew up in the H-Street era living in Nor-Cal.


This episode is dedicated to Jeff Pettit. Photo: Gabe Morford

This is the last of the photos I have. These crappy photos were taken by Pettit or Jerry Thompson (he and I sitting on the rail). Some are a bit damaged even. The night shots were Christmas of 1986 because I have a date on the back when it was developed. The day shots are from earlier in 1986, and my boards are thrashed. I really liked the Lance Mountain at that time and changed the shape and graphics some (SCAN0203.jpg), but in the polaroids and low quality dark photos of doing a channel at College of Marin, I’m riding a Gonz -might have been Jerry’s board. One old shot in 1984/1985 early grab off a jump ramp -pretty funny. Surf Sports demo in 1988 with Jimmy’Z hat and shorts.

Early launch ramp 1985

Joel Wrona with stee

Tweaked ollie, Polaroid, Kentfield CA  1986

Ray & Jerry railing pose, College of Marin, 1986

Ollie gap College of Marin ’86

Ray & Jeff Ollie gap, College of Marin, 1986

Grindin’ Jeff’s house, 1986

Boardslide at Jeff’s ’86

Ollie at Jeffs ’86

Wall ride, Sutro Elementary, San Francisco, 1987, photo: Gabe Morford

Marin Jam/Contest?, 1987, photo: Gabe Morford

Ross Post Office, 1987, photo: Gabe Morford (Zoom-in to see reconstructed nose)

Marin Surf Sports Demo, Mill Valley, 1988

Use whatever you like. I wish I had better quality photos! Gabe has all the best shots and slides from epic slideshows somewhere… —Ray Simmonds


Brian Lotti and Colby Carter

Greg Carroll

Simmonds and Lotti

Ron Allen and Sean Sheffey

STOP SKATE HARASSMENT at Ross Post Office, 1987, poster: Gabe Morford
Jeff Pettit, Greg Loiacono, Ray, Joel Dougherty, Brian Nute, Mark Henderson, Justin Herwick, and Joel Wrona