Talkin’ Schmit Ep. 26: Byron “Fatty” Ortega

I’ve known Byron since at least 2006, probably seen him around earlier then that. Gear up for some epic tales of growing up in the E, Crocker Amazon park, Phelper stories and more. Truly one of a kind and family for life. Gotta love Fatty!

Crocker baby!

Las Vegas, NV: First time out of the state. Skate Rock

Firin’ it up with crew in the Mission after the Giants won the World Series

Lee Ving of Fear at Death Match in Texas… Who was there—Fatty!

Chico Brenes knows that the Niners were born and bred in SF(like Fatty), never forget that.

Washin’ windows somewhere in Missouri on Skate Rock Detroit to New Orleans—yeah Neck!

Gary, Indiana has criddlers…

Who’s got it better then us???